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Shineman Omicron LXA Clan
Gather for Epic Birthday.

This April 9, Alan Shineman ’69, Tom Shineman ’65, Dick Shineman ’46 and many other Shineman family members and friends gathered at Le Perigord restaurant in New York City to celebrate the 90th birthday of Ed Shineman ’37.

Ed, who stays active as President of the Class of ’37 and as a board member of several corporations and non profits was celebrated in song and speech for his many amazing attributes and accomplishments.  The theme of the festivities was “Magic Moments” building on Ed’s interest in the mathematical recreation pursuit of magic squares (of which he is perhaps the world authority).

Representing Cornell University, Anne Benedict traveled from Ithaca to present personal commendations from three Cornell presidents and announce a special award in Ed’s honor to the Cornell music department (as an undergraduate he was president of the Cornell band and also performed with the band some 50 years later in Carnegie Hall).  A long-time Cornell Council member, Ed and his late wife, Doris are recipients of the Cornell Lifetime Benefactor award.

Among Ed’s reminisces were his account of re-surfacing the LXA summer house roof without a safety net during pledge week and bird-dogging his future wife, Doris, from a temporarily- distracted fellow fraternity brother during a Lambda Chi house party.

In addition to sons Alan and Tom and brother, Dick, five of Ed’s six grandchildren were also on hand (two great grandchildren are expected in May and December - prospective additions to the current record six Shineman family Cornell LXA clan members).

Ed has recently moved from midtown Manhattan to The Hallmark, a retirement community in the financial district, and invites brothers to communicate with him at 455 North End Avenue, Apartment 411, New York, NY 10282 (PH: 917-522-1250).  He also maintains an upstate apartment in Canajoharie. 

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