Ed's 90th Birthday
Celebration - Lyrics

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Magic moments
All these 90 years
Magic moments
You’ve had some career
You’re so amazing
Never stop
Magic moments
You’re the top!


He gives generously
To his charities
So many good causes

Leprous tribesmen
Endangered tree frogs
He never pauses

Sent grandkids to college
Medical research
Biblical scholars

Poor Arkell Hall widows
Hard up Republicans
He gave his dollars


Taxes, most people hate
He thinks they’re great
Who can believe it!

Drawers full of records
Receipts and pay stubs
He can retrieve it

Counts all his income
No phony deductions
He welcomes an audit

He’s ever so honest
Pays every cent due
We must applaud it


He’s ever so cool
Let’s logic rule
So calm and collected

Plans well ahead
What makes other panic
He’s not affected

So very polite
He’s never pretentious
Or puts on airs

He’s always well spoken
Watches his language
No curse words or swears


He married a beauty
Her name was Doris
They met in college

Spent sixty-five years
Of good times together
We’re sure he’ll acknowledge

Picnics at Wintergreen
Ice cream at Wrobel’s
Raising two boys

They traveled the world
Hosting great Christmas parties
Was one of their joys


He started at GE
Then went to Beech-Nut
Which turned into Squibb

Survived all the mergers
By keeping his head down
And an occasional ad lib

He’s stayed un-retired
By serving on boards
And giving advice

A mutual fund
A bank many shunned
A farm that raised mice


He tooted his trumpet
With John Phillip Sousa
Played Carnegie Hall

He builds magic squares
Which he insistently shares
We’ve seen them all

He’s been quite a menace
At bridge and at tennis
Won’t give any quarter

Collected rare coins
For Big Red football
He’s such a supporter




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